Charity Drive

Are you ready to help support the team, cause, or organization closest to you? Brown's wants to help! Our fundraising program is simple to set up and a great way to raise money for the group most important to you.

How it works

1) Decide which method of fundraising works best for your group. We recommend the first option and you could even combine them both!

Coupons- The members of your group sell coupons redeemable at the store. For example each coupon is redeemable for $10 but only costs your group $7. Your group profits $3 in this scenario for each coupon sold.

Event- The other option is to sell our products at an event your group will be participating in. We recommend selling half dozen boxes of doughnuts, loaf cakes, or cookie tins, but the options are endless!

Half Dozen Doughnuts-$4, sell for at least $6.

Loaf cakes-$5, sell for at least $8.

Cookie Tins-$6, sell for at least $9.

2) Determine the quantities you think best suit your group. Keep in mind payment is due three days prior to receiving the coupons or product. Below is cost to your group and suggested selling price.

3) Place your order by phone, email, or in store. 

4) Pick up your coupons or products at our store or receive delivery at the scheduled place and time.