The cafe menu

At Brown's we are proud to serve Ellis Coffee. Ellis coffee was started in Philadelphia in 1854 and is the oldest family owned coffee roaster in existence today. In our lattes we use fresh farm milk from old fashioned glass jugs. Our teas are expertly selected by our tea lovers, feel free to make your special tea request!

Drip Coffee

small 12 oz.-$1.5

large 20 oz.-$2.5

Cold Brew

small 12 oz.-$3

small 12 oz. flavored-$3.50

large 20 oz. -$4

large 20 oz. -$4.75



160z. flavored-$3.15


24oz. flavored-$3.90

hot tea

small 12 oz. -$1.5

large 20 oz. -$2


*available in lattes and cold brews



Milk options

-farm fresh whole, 2%, and skim

-almond milk