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About Our Bakery

Hey there! New to Brown’s? Let me tell you about us. We are small bakery located in Dublin Pennsylvania. Our doors first opened in 2018, owned and operated by us, the Brown’s, a couple who fell in love behind a bakery counter.  Making scratch baked goods from real ingredients is our primary goal. Adding in breakfast and hand crafted coffee drinks seemed like a natural addition to our business.  We make custom cakes and cookies, hand made bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and a variety pastries, oh yeah, and DOUGHNUTS! ​At Brown's we strive to bake everything fresh from scratch. We use simple handmade methods. Every doughnut, bagel, cinnamon bun are hand rolled and cut. Yes, it takes extra time and skill but it is worth the extra work.​You wont see every baked good you can think of on our menu. We are a small setup and since we bake from scratch, throwing together certain baked goods on the fly is just not possible. For this reason, we hope you will preorder in advance from our online store so that we can make the best possible product for you.​Is there something not on our menu you are hoping to get? Call in our email us at brownsdoughnuts@gmail.comWe love making special requests with adequate lead times. 

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